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  AddNag is a free to use service for startups, entrepreneurs to help them built up there ideas. It is developed and maintained by ADDNAG SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. If you have any questions about AddNag or our services, please feel free to contact us.

The present support is to help you to display light content within application. We are in process to scale it up and make it easy to use for you. We will continue to make innovations and improvise the service while sticking to our goal of providing easy to use and economical platform for application developers.

Q. Where can I find API details?

Please refer to API link on home page for API details.

Q. Do you return values in JSON or XML?

AddNag provide data in JSON and XML structure.

Q. What is the format of return data?

Please refer to API link on home page for details of return format.


Q. Do I need to pay for usage of AddNag?

AddNag is free to register and use.

Q. How much time will it take to configure AddNag?

Signup and Application configuration is simple and easy to do. It should be complete before you complete your cup of coffee.

Q. What is configuration process?

Go to Sign Up page Enter First Name, LastName, Email, Password, Confirm Password Enter Captcha Read Terms and select check box if you agree to terms. Tab on Register button. You will receive a confirmation email. Confirm your account You are registered successfully. Login with your registration detail. Go to Developer section Select Add Application Enter application details as follows: App Name Support URL (if any) Target You are good to go.

Q. My developer is requesting for unique code of my app. Where to look out for unique code?

Go to Developer Section Select Add Application Enter application details as follows: App Name Support URL (if any) Target Submit details Details are successfully submitted Unique code is generated above application name. You can copy unique code and share to your developer.

Q. I want my application to be pristine and perfect. How can AddNag help me?

AddNag provides back end API it is for you to plan effective usage of API.

Q. My application is free and I am looking for a free to use platform. Will AddNag provide it?

We are free.

Q. I want Nag screen to appear within application every third time user starts application. How can I achieve that?

You application developer can implement scenario for appearance of Nag screen.

Q. Can I change text message to appear on Nag screen?

You can change text any time. It may take some time for text to be updated.

Q. Can I post image on Admin to appear on Nag screen?

We are in process to provide support for images.

Q. Text positioning on my Nag screen needs to be formatted within the app. What to do?

Your application developer can take care of it. We provide data in a standard format. You can share feedback or suggestion at contact page for API format. We do not guarantee instant response or implementation of suggestion. But your feedback or suggestion will be in our consideration for improvements.

Q. My message content is specific to my application users. I do not want it to be accessed by anybody else. How do you ensure privacy of my content?

Each application registered at AddNag has a specific unique code. Please ensure you are not sharing your unique code with others.


Q. I am testing application with internet switched off. Application crashed before display of Nag screen. What is this?

Please touch base with your developer. Your developer can help you.

Q. What is response time of your API?

Our API is light in size. Please visit our API section. Internet speed on end user device is one of deciding factor for response time.


Q. What type of message I can post on my Nag screen using AddNag?

You are the deciding person for type of content you wish to post. AddNag recommends you not to post any message that hurts sentiments of any individual or any organization or any company or any country or any group or any culture, etc. Your message should not be targeting any cast, color or creed. Message should not be in violation of territory laws of end user country. Messages should not be in violation of end user platform. If we receive any complaint about posting of any such message. Your application can be disabled from AddNag without any notice.

Q. Does end user read Nag message?

AddNag does not guarantee reading of message by end user.

Q. Should I integrate Nag screen in free app or paid application?

AddNag is free to use API. We do not have preference or guidelines for usage in free or paid application.


Q. What is cost of integrating AddNag API?

AddNag API is easy and simple to integrate API. Integration cost is not born by us.

Q. What is Return on Investment on AddNag API?

AddNag provides a free to use API. Usage of API and generation of revenue is for you to decide.